Graduate Student Workshop on Jewish Studies: Call for Participants

For all Cornell graduate students interested in exploring the intersection between their work and the interdisciplinary field of Jewish studies: a new workshop on Jewish studies hosted by the Society for the Humanities and co-coordinated by graduate students Sarah Greenberg (government) and Itamar Haritan (anthropology).

The design of the workshop is still taking shape, but intends to meet 8-10 times over the Spring semester (1.5-2 hours each time on a bimonthly basis).

3-5 sessions will be dedicated to reading and discussing central and new texts in Jewish studies, such as Cynthia Baker’s "Jew," and Daniel Boyarin’s "Judaism." The group also hopes to include scholarship at the intersections of Jewish studies and colonialism, such as Gil Anidjar’s Jew and "Arab: A History of the Enemy," and Albert Memmi’s "Pillar of Salt."

In addition, the workshop group plans to dedicate 3-4 sessions to present works in progress (a seminar paper, prospectus, dissertation chapter, job talk, article, or other). The group hopes to dedicate 1-2 sessions to explore pedagogical strategies for addressing politically sensitive issues such as the Holocaust, antisemitism and Zionism in the classroom.

Lastly, they plan to dedicate a session to how to present scholarly work in the context of Jewish Studies: How are Jewish Studies syllabi designed? What are Jewish Studies departments’ expectations from job candidates?

The final program for the workshop will be determined by the participants.

Interested graduate students should contact Sarah Greenberg and Itamar Haritan by January 24 to indicate their interest in joining or with questions.

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