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Video Recorded Guest Speakers

Speaker Lecture or Conference Date
  Enough to Go by Fred Peretz Cohn December 2019
Big Galute A Tale of Monish February 21, 2018
Ann Michel '77 and Philip WIlde '73 Reversing Oblivion January 8, 2018
Andrea Pitzer Harbingers and Echoes of the Shoah: A Century of Concentration Camps October 17, 2017
Helen Wolfe Dunn Speech at 2008 Holocaust memorial in Austria August 11, 2017
Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett Materializing History: Time and Telos at POLIN Museum April 27, 2017
Christopher R. Browning Holocaust History and Survivor Testimony October 27, 2016
Ross Brann An Intimate Rivalry: The Jews and Classical Islam September 27, 2016
  Talmud: Process and Performance Conference May 17-18, 2016
Wolf Gruner Defiance and Protest: Forgotten Individual Jewish Reactions to the Persecution in Nazi Germany March 17, 2016
Miriam Isaacs Jewish Refugee Songs with Cornell University Klezmer Ensemble October 10, 2015