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Elissa Sampson


Mcgraw Hall, Room 227


Elissa Sampson, Visiting Scholar in Cornell's Jewish Studies program, is an urban geographer who studies how the past is actively used to create new spaces of migration, memory, heritage and activism. Her life-long interest in Jewish migration, re-diasporization and culture had been pursued in the Lower East Side, Brooklyn, Jerusalem, London and Paris prior to realizing Ithaca’s centrality to that map.


Urban Geography, Migration, Immigration, Tourism Studies, Museum Studies, Lower East Side, Space, Place, Memory Studies, American Jewish History and Culture, Gentrification, Historical Preservation, Digital Humanities, Museum Studies, History of Geography; Practice of Genealogy; Digital Humanites, Anthropology of Breast Cancer Genetics; New York City Water Ecology and History


  • Jewish Studies Program
  • Near Eastern Studies


Recent publications touch upon Jewish life today in the Lower East Side, contemporary Yiddish theater, Triangle Fire commemoration, the academic use of the term "Ghetto" in relation to East European Jews in the U.S., and ethnicity and museums. Her dissertation documented how the acquisition of a Lower East Side building shaped the Lower East Side Tenement Museum's stories of immigrant history. She has given academic and public tours and lectures on the Lower East Side’s built environment and communities for many years, and was recently a featured consultant for the 2016 documentary, Streit’s and the American Dream.



In press: “Grunge Authenticity: The Tenement as Upscale Tourist Destination,” in Tourism Gentrification in Contemporary Metropolises, International Perspectives. The volume is slated for publication by Taylor & Francis in Fall 2017.  

“Yosl Rakover Speaks to God,” in Imagining the Jewish God, edited by Leonard Kaplan and Ken Koltun‑Fromm. Rowan & Littlefield, Lexington Books, Summer 2016.

“Riding Memory,” final essay in See You in the Streets: Art, Action & Remembering the Triangle Factory Fire, public history series, edited by Ruth Sergel. University of Iowa Press, Spring 2016.

"Louis Wirth and the American Image of the Frankfurt Ghetto” (with Jonathan Boyarin) in Frankfurter Judaistische Beiträge, No. 40: 2015, Frankfurt’s ‘Jewish Notabilia’ (‘Jüdische Merckwürdigkeiten’): Ethnographic Views of Urban Jewry in Central Europe around 1700.

Review of Michael Meng, Shattered Spaces: Encountering Jewish Ruins in Postwar Germany and Poland. Cambridge: Harvard University Press. November 20, 2015. East European Jewish Affairs, Vol. 45, 2-3, special issue: New Jewish Museums in post-Communist Europe.

“Moral Lessons from a Storied Past,” Moral Encounters in Tourism, Ashgate Current Developments in the Geographies of Leisure and Tourism series edited by Mary Mostafanezhad and Kevin Hannam on behalf of the Geographies of Leisure and Tourism Research Group of the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers). August 2014.

“Lower East Side Landings,” AJS Perspectives, The Land Issue, Spring 2014 (with Dr. Jonathan Boyarin). All accompanying photographs by E. Sampson.

Contributing researcher and writer. Synagogues of the Lower East Side, Gerard Wolfe, Fordham University Press, 2012.

Film Consultancy

·       Featured Onscreen Interviewee, “Streit’s: Matzo and the American Dream.” Michael Levine, Director (Spring 2016)