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About Us

The Jewish Studies Program was founded on the conviction that the record contained in the languages, literature, and history of the Jewish people, as these developed across the globe and over thousands of years, are an integral part of the human heritage. Our goal is to ensure that the richness of Jewish culture and its impact on civilization are energetically presented to the Cornell community.

Faculty Research

A few highlights of our current work:

  • Lauren Monroe (Tidings from Sheba: Ancient Israel in Light of Evidence from Pre-Islamic Arabia)
  • Gavriel Shapiro (Thanksgiving All Year Round: A Memoir)
  • Jeff Zorn (archaeologist associated with Tell en-Nasbeh, and Tel Dor sites)
  • Ross Brann (Andalusi Moorings: Al-Andalus & Sefarad as Tropes of Muslim and Jewish Culture)
  • Jonathan Boyarin (the last yeshiva in the Lower East Side, read more)